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I am an aspiring rationalist on a quest to lower the suffering in the world and to enjoy the ride. I work as DevOps Engineer at Wolt. This is my personal blog.

Data from my thesis published

I published my thesis data and data-analysis jupyter notebook for general public
I got my thesis data anonymized and ready to be published for public consumption. Here it is: dippa-analysis-anonymized.zip! If you want to run it, please follow instruction in the README.md file inside the zip. The full thesis can be found here. The archival version without fancy linking can be found here. I am forever grateful to all the people who helped me with my studies! You are all awesome 💟

Teardown of Maxtor M3 4TB

I am actively on lookout for cheapest 2.5” drives for my backups and it seems that cheapest way to get 2.5” sata drives is to buy external drives and loot the hard disk from it. Sadly some manufacturers don’t use sata drives in their external drives, so one has to be careful which drive to buy. An easy way to get a good look on the current disk prices in to check diskprices.

A small fix for TI83+ not booting / screen not working

My ti-83+ would not boot, solved with a little bit of solder
My Trusty Texas instruments TI-83+ could not boot, so I decided to trace the connectors on the pcb, found that one connector between the lcd-board and the motherboard had been interrupted. I rerouted it with a jump-wire and now TI-83+ seems to boot fine :) A jumper connecting over broken trace

A small fix for MacBookPro11,x Linux powesave interrupt problems

I found a fix for a powersave problem I have been having with 2015 15 MBP
I have been living with a 2015 15” retina mbp and using GNU/Linux(Linux Mint 17 atm) in it for few years. The hardware is pretty nice, but drivers and powersaving has been pretty shaky. My average battery life has been around 2 hours. People using OS X usually report battery lifes of about 8 hours with this configuration. So there is something fishy going on with the power saving in Linux.